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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vintage and Alice in Wonderland

I've been really busy with work and study! However, I am so pleased to come and find the number of reader have doubled since I last logged in! Anyhow, as promised; here is a few photos from my very first ever "photo shoot."

At that stage, I had no idea whether I was using the camera settings properly, I had no flash for indoor photography and it was raining like hell.. There was also little preparation of what was to come, I wasn't as prepared as I should have been.. I think we made it work though! It was a really fun, hungry day. Yes hungry because we started at 6 am and I had nothing to eat until the girls started to complain at about 4pm hahahaha

It was a really great experience and I can not wait to have a few more of these over the holiday, most likely with less props because these girls are absolutely stunning. I will post two girls at this stage because my iPhoto is refusing to open..


Styling: Grace DeLiseo
Model: Grace DeLiseo
Make-up: Cynthia Tanuwidjaya (A.K.A. Thia A.K.A Me)

This is one of my absolute favourite!!


Styling: Grace DeLiseo
Model: Natalie Huska
Make-up: Thia

I do apologize for the logos that are on there, it's my old "watermarks" so to speak.. I'm going to have to come up with new ones!

As I was saying before, these are all taken via natural light, using the kit lens and Canon 400D, nothing too fancy.. I have upgraded my lens but I am waiting to purchase a new body but yes, for the lack of equipment I think I did a fairly great job! Of course, it helps with having beautiful subjects :)

Time to go now, enjoy! Share the love!



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