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Monday, 18 June 2012

over and the vow

It's finally over! Let the holiday begin! I am starting off my winter holiday doing magazine returns for the business and then cleaning the house.. I know it sounds really boring however, it is such a relieve compared to all the stress that I have gone through.

Today I had a full 10 hours sleep... The first of many I hope... perhaps my body will start releasing Growth Hormone again if I get enough sleep and I'll grow taller! I am actually really really short. Matt used to call me 'bite-size' when we first met.

I really hope that my exams went well because now I am playing the waiting game! Oh and great news, I will be starting my exercise routines so I will post up my list soon. I try not to plan for the whole week because I would probably be at work a lot of the time and can't keep to it, so instead, I make a list of all the "areas" I have to cover and do it at a most convenient time. It should be really good especially since I will now be going to the gym at my University.

I have watched two movies since my exams ended. I watched 'The Vow' last night and one of my favourite movie 'View from the Top.' The vow was such a sad yet beautiful movie. I can not believe it was based on a true story!


Where as the view from the top.. people who have watched it may not like it, but I just love the combination of travel, love, backstabbing and PARIS! I especially love watching Gwyneth Paltrow getting head bashed into a large loaf of bread!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.. I know that I will! :)

p.s. sorry for the bad photo lately.. I will do better, promise!



  1. So happy for you that you are finally done and can have one less stress! I haven't seen any of those movies but maybe I will watch them with my boyfriend comes Friday!

    I'm making your ad button right now, I don't really know what colors to make it though lol so I am having some trouble.

  2. Hey Sherry! Woo your boyfriend is coming soon! How long will he be staying for? It must be hard to have him away all the time! I hope you will have the loveliest time, I would recommend the Vow for the two of you.

    As for the colours, you seem to like sea foam green, perhaps tie that together with a photo that I just posted? perhaps the orchids? :) I'll grab the button off your blog, it's still there right? Now.. to figure out how to link it up hahaha


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