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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Exam Stress Relief

I've been cramming in some study these past few weeks and I found that I lose interest and concentration very quickly.. especially since I've was trying to figure out a Respiratory lecture for 7 hours straight!

Lately, my daily ritual consists of waking up, going to the library with Matt, studying our buns off, coming home, doing some more study and dozing off on the couch. I figured that it's really time to change my bad, unhealthy habit.

1. I studied in the kitchen, aside from having the food distractions, it's not so bad.
2. I have actually been eating small meals throughout the day for a week now, to keep my metabolism up and to keep me alert and to provide my over worked brain with the much needed glucose! Oh and it works out well in my weight loss plan.. ) Lost 1.5 Kg this week for sitting around all day!
3. Set your self the same play list preferably using several instrumental songs.. best for study! No sing-alongs!
4. Take regular break, 5-10 minute per hour is enough however, make sure you have a proper break at some point. Do some stretches!
5. Be productive on your break. With what little time I had yesterday, I did a 30 minute yoga session and had a nice hot shower. It was so refreshing and I was really productive after :)
6. Remember that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thought - Marcus Aurelies. Don't be depressed that you haven't seen your friends in weeks or that you are studying alone in a cold, deserted kitchen, Think about the result :)

Hope this helps with your study! :)



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