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Sunday, 29 July 2012

So the other day matt and I went to putt-putt golf and afterwards, we decided to take a couple of shots for a concept that has been playing in my mind over and over.. It was of Superman and Lana Lane.. The thing was, I had a whole other idea on how we were going to do this but in the end, this is what we came up with..

Mind you, I was extremely tired by this time and we were both a little irritable that I didn't get to check the focus properly.. so I am somewhat blurry.. And also, I haven't been using GIMP for a while now.. so this is my first of hopefully many in a long time!

I hope you like it, I know it could be better executed, I will do a remake if I have time!

but for now.. I hope you like it :3

Here is the original photo :)


Saturday, 28 July 2012

I don't know whether or not you saw my post about the polaroid, but I ended up getting it as a birthday present from my brother! :) I received it the day before yesterday and have loved using it so very very much!! I took it over on my trip to kiama yesterday but I couldn't get the nice background as it was starting to get dark and matt and I were shooting a conceptual photo.. which I still haven't looked at so I don't know whether or not it's ready for processing..

Here is my little love! So cuteeee!!

The quality of the photos are quite amazing! and I received this cute little yellow bag from my friends as a birthday present. Thanks Rose and Shiny HI!!!!!


A photo from ages ago! My first attempt at studio photography.. I used workers flood light as I don't actually own a strobe :) This is my friend Thao!

Hope you like it!

Flood Light, Lighting


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hey All! I went out clubbing with a few of my friends.. I just thought I'd share a photo from that night.. it was a really great night! I had  so much fun.. there was snow in the outdoor area but you can't really see it on the photos I took on my phone but it was a lovely night and I just wanted to share with with you all :)

I'm the Second one from the Right
I will explain the bunny stuff... The nose and ears were mine but Matt decided to put it on cause it looked cute hahaha We "dressed up" as snow bunnies and because of that we got fast entry into the club! hahaha it was 2 minutes until they started charging entry.. SO LUCKY!

Snow Bunnies!
Sorry For the Quality!!! :(

Back Seat of a Cab being CRAZY!
It was a memorable night! :)


Friday, 20 July 2012

Apple PIE!! I am so excited to show you my very own apple pie!
About two years ago, I was mesmerised by the tv show Pushing Daisies. It was a magical show! I loved the dresses that one of the main character wore (Charlotte) but also by the pies that the pie maker made. 

That was why I was obsessed with making pies! I haven't made it since the beginning of 2011 but for a little high tea that I was holding, I decided to bake one! My first pie in a long time.. here is my progressive photos!

The Result!


Thursday, 19 July 2012

So, my birthday is coming up in a few days... the 22nd (which is this SUNDAY!) and I'll be 20!!!
I am a little excited and a little nervous.. mainly because I haven't done everything that teen me wanted to do when I was younger.. Time flies!!!

Anyways, to celebrate "growing up" or whatever.. I have decided to splurge.. and this time not on shoes...

You all know from the blog that I love photography and I am trying to get through the whole heap of photos from Steph and Ivan's Photoshoot (here is a taste of what's to come).. I have decided to purchase something that would give me a somewhat easier alternative to photography. No editing. No stress..


However, I am hoping to receive this before the 4th of August when I'd be having my "party" My friends and I are all heading up to sydney for a fun filled chill session!

So yea.. I would really like to purchase it ASAP but my source tells me that it won't arrive until the 6th if I purchase from them.. but they're the cheapest one.. by about $60..

What do you think? Worth the wait?? I'm eyeing the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 and I don't know if I should get it or not... Help!?! I am also considering the cost of the film for these..

Hello Blogger!

I have been away for quite sometime! It's because I've been busy with lots and lots of FOOD and HAPPINESS!

Well not all day everyday, but most of the time..

So....... I thought I'd share with you several photos from my food journey!

Firstly, I went to the Ribs&Rack where they had a challenge to eat 1kg of Steak, 1kg of Ribs and 1Kg of Fries! Went there with my family and a friend of mine (who did the challenge and actually finished it!!!!)
My Lamb Ribs! 

The Dessert! 
This was a great night even though I was really sick!! More to come.. Stay tuned!


p.s. How have you guys been? :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

I am still sick... And life is dull at the moment. Spent the whole day in bed, something that I haven't done in a while.. I am now in the waiting room of the medicare centre to wait for my number to be called.. Couldn't find me Medicare card so no going to doctors

Matt left to Canberra today for one of his 'boys trip' I hope he gets there okay. It's a 3 hour drive!!

We said our good byes last night for his weekend away.. It sounds really silly but I miss him already haha.

We cooked dinner for his family.. I wished I had taken photos of it cause it came out amazing and I made some gravy to go with this puff pastry meat thing.. His mum said it reminded her of beef wellingtons.

Matt did the salad.. One thing I am unfamiliar with is making salad.. I don't know why but I've never been good at it and I hate cutting onions!

We then baked cookies which was fun and a little stressful as matt kept opening the oven.. And with 6 minutes to go it was still the consistency of mousse so we left it in a bit longer until we realized it'd probably harden up once we let it out to cool.. And it did.. Boy did that beast harden..

We now know how to make cookies properly.. That we should leave it in chunks to spread out and not flatten it.. As pathetic an effort as it is.. It will always be our cookie and our memory and I will cherish it forever :)


Monday, 2 July 2012

Greetings July! My favourite month of the year because this month, signifies the birth of Harry Potter.. and Me! I was so hoping to post every single day of the month but I have been working non-stop from day one and I am now down with the cold... 

As promised in my Newtown post, I would like to show you my beautiful purchases from the day. 
Starting from the top, we have a "lace" patterned pencil skirt. It was a really pretty one that I wore when I went out with a few friends. It was so comfortable it hugs in all the right places!

The middle two photographs are the scarfs that I purchased from Mulberry Street! The one on the left is a vintage Hermes Brides de Gala scarf. I am quite sure it's only inspired and not actually a Hermes scarf but it is of good quality and colour. The second scarf is a modern gradient scarf. I really like the earthy colour that this scarf has and it drapes beautifully. 

The bottom images consists of two clothing. The one in the middle is a button down sleeveless black shirt with a bow. I loved the feel of the fabric on this one. It was really light and can be worn with almost anything! 

The second item is shown in the right and left photos. It's a button-down top (again) with bell-sleeves. I was a little uncertain about this item; however, when I tried it on, I thought it was casual yet dressy because although it looked really business like, it was sheer ~ not the slutty kind of sheer either. It was sheer enough to be sexy but the way the material was woven together, it was thick enough to be mysterious. With a nice pair of heels and tight jeans, this top has a lot of potential! 

I've realised something.. I really need to stop buying black clothing! I have so many... but you can never go wrong with black... too safe? 

Happy July!


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