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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bundle of Joy

No, I did not make babies.. but I did purchase these "babies" from ASOS a week ago and it finally came!!

I am so overjoyed! It brings tears into my eyes.. I love them to death. Personally, I'm not the pink kind of person, however, I saw these and I knew I had to have them. I am hoping to use them in a photoshoot of some sort :)

They are just delightful. I took ballet a couple of years ago.. it lasted about 3 months.. I was no good at it to be honest.. but I could just imagine my self en pointe.. or pretend to be wearing these!


Well Packed! Sneak a Peak!

TA-DAA!! My "Pointe" hehehe
It's an ASOS brand believe it or not.. in my time of e-purchasing, I did not know ASOS had their own brand.. I thought they outsourced! but they continue to surprise me! (they're wedges btw) I had something against wedges for a while but I've decided.. they aren't so bad.. What to wear them with though...

I was trying to be all artistic and stuff so they are not representing their true colour. If you look at picture number 2, between the white tissue paper, you can see it's real colour and it's really beautiful and well made! True to size (I'm a UK6 apparently, AU38 - 7.5)

They were on sale for about $35 or so, not too expensive!



  1. Those shoes are unbelievably lovely! I want them :)
    xx Maria
    P.S: Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog, yours is gorgeous!

  2. That was fast, I love those shoes and when I posted it up I thought of you immediately :)



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