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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Food Journal


This morning, my auntie and I went to a little patisserie in Bexley. It was a cute little one that had the crustiest meat pie with chunks of beef. Yes, here in Australia, we don't have fruits in our pies (well we do, but we also have ones with meat in them which I think is more common here). Remind you of something...? Sweeny Todd... hahha

Raisin Scroll
Meat Pie


We then went to Hurstville and had Lunch there. It was the juiciest dumplings we could get our hands on! One thing you should know about me.. I love dumplings and I love love love Chilli!


At Newtown, we went to a lovely little Japanese Food Joint.. It was disappointing as it tasted more like Chinese food however we just grin and bare it.. No return I guess but it was worth the experience. I had the Salmon Teriyaki. I love Salmon! I wanted stray away from my usual Sashimi.. it was easy today because I noticed it wasn't too fresh. Phew!

Beef Udon
Salmon Teriyaki


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