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Friday, 15 June 2012

University and My Calling

Three exams down and one more to go.. I felt so worn down this afternoon that I just slothed in the couch. It's okay though because Sloths are cute.. I mean, look at them!

I got this photo from: Sloth of the Day, a great blog by someone that I believe is obsessed with them, it's pretty great to just look around and see what all the other sloths like me do all day! Imagine just relaxing all day and not having to worry about.. anything..

This morning, I woke up in such a rush when Matt rang me saying that he was on the way to pick me up. He live one hour away and the exam was in less than an hour. It was just a stressful morning but we got through it in the end. 

One last big one coming up. I am so nervous about this one that is on Monday, that is, Control Mechanism. It's a physiological and anatomical subject covering the essential understanding of physiological regulation. I believe it had an 80% fail rate last year.. So please please please pray that I don't! 

My course at the university is pretty structured. I am currently doing Bachelor of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. It is a lot of fun, however, it is challenging and require a lot of hard work. I can not wait for Exercise Prescription next year. It would mostly be out in the fields, learning the right "moves" for different individuals. I don't hope to ever become a personal trainer, however today I believe I have found my calling!

We had a case study to answer during our Biomechanics Exam that required us to be creative and make up some exercises for elderly people using our biomechanical concepts and I figured, what would those ex-circus retirees be doing in their spare time if not tight-rope walking or shooting them selfs out of a giant canon ball during their spare time! It was such an enjoyable things to write about. I'm sure I'd get points for originality but I'm not too sure if I had enough content through it. 

Back to my calling, If by any chance, A circus was to come by, I would love to direct their show, create a more biomechanically effective movements for them and minimise the risk of injury! However, the Circus community is practically dead here in Australia, so sadly, I would have to find some other, more realistic dream to reach. 

All I know is, if by some miracle, I end up with a job that I wake up everyday to and get excited about, I would be the happiest person in the world. It doesn't matter if I don't become filthy rich, if I can support my self and my family and it makes me happy.. what else could I ask for?

p.s. Has anyone seen the live show of Cirque du Solei? It's pretty amazing, I remember my mother took my brother and I to see the show, we sat on the front ring and it was so wonderful, I wish they had animals though, that's half of the reason why I come to circuses, to see the animals, nonetheless.. they were very talented, perhaps I could work for them! hahaha

From Cirque du Solei ~ Quidam..
That's Biomechanics Right there.. and A lot of Muscles!!!



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