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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

For a while now, I had been looking for something to wear. A permanent "signature" that I won't have to take off but would still maintain. I think I found it today. I was browsing after work and saw this really adorable anchor. If you had seen my previous tale thief banner, it had an anchor too. I have always loved anchors. I want to be more well-grounded in all things I undertake and I think this really symbolise that well. 
It's also the first diamond item I have ever bought myself. I have always shopped for other people's gifts but I am admittedly a bit stingy when spending on myself so I thought, why not? Once in a while I am going to tell myself that I appreciate me for being alive and me. Do something nice for yourself!


Was at work today and caught a disease.. It's called work-itis.

Common Symptoms:
- Boredom
- Lack of Social Life
- Being easily amused by trivial things (such as dots)

You are at risk when:
- You work too much
- You study too much
- You haven't caught up with friends in days
- Lack of sleep

- Sleep
- Social gatherings
- Partying
- Laughter


Look at that cute deer! my mum and I always buy something small to commemorate each christmas. Last year it was a really cute wombat in a christmas hat. This deer reminds me of toilet brush.. hahah but mother likes it.. Do you have a family Christmas tradition??

It's really strange but I haven't ever really been into wearing socks unless I was wearing my joggers, when I find my christmas socks (special socks when I am in the Christmas mood, usually not during the actual Christmas Day) or my boots.. Around the house and that, I don't like wearing sock but one morning.. I was very cold.. Due to the rarity of the occasion, I celebrated by taking a photo of my feet.. Mmmh..


Monday, 29 October 2012

It's my friend's birthday today! She doesn't know about this blog so I can share... hahaha I don't know when I will get to give  it to her, but I thought the bag was really nice and I wanted to show you the card.. it is one of those embossed card and it is so pretty! She looks like someone who likes going to the beach so yeah.. Getting less creative with more exams hahaha

Also, my brother is currently in Indonesia so I stole his room because he had a bigger desk to study on.. He gets the best breeze too.. Maybe by the time he comes back this room will be mine.... FOREVER!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

I know I said I'll post it on Wednesday.. but they are too adorable! I love the bottom right photo aren't they the most gorgeous little girls ever? They're my cousin's daughters!!!! And it was my cute grandmama's birthday! 
Thought I'd brighten up someone's day with a cute little post! SQUEEEE!!

I had the best pre-exams celebration. As it was the last night before we lose our "freedom" for the next 2.5 weeks, Matt and I went to a ball! It was so much fun.. well the dancing part was great but I didn't want to bring my 7D with me cause I didn't want to lose it.. so this holiday I am going to work hard and get my self a little camera I can take around! Wish I had gotten more pictures! and I am less afraid of using the flash these days :) a cute post to come very soon.. maybe tomorrow? or in the after wednesday afternoon. Functional exam...


p.s. doesn't M look cute in his little bow tie? I think I got him that for Christmas.. or his birthday I can't remember. He is really good at Piano and he love his music so.. there you have it! Oh and it matched that night's DJs tie, except theirs were the normal long ties.. not bow ties.. bow ties are cool. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I did not beat the record of 3 posts from yesterday.. such a shame because I really enjoyed posting lots! I wish more people would post more than once a day but then again.. most people spend their life outside where the other people are while I am alone in this little room.. studying..

So I am a little bit tired and I figured it wouldn't hurt to write a post. I have about 1480 words to go on my report that is due on monday.. but still i want to get at least 1500 done tonight (it was a total of 2000 words). Coffee it is. 

I only reserve coffee for the exam period.. oh and the occasional one-shot chai latte with friends or Matt who is a coffee addict. 

I did the silliest thing tonight. Afterwork, my mum and I were a little famished so I suggested to her that we go to Little Prince which is a little Jazz bar/club thing (it's not really a club.. people don't dance.. they sit around looking sophisticated). Yea as I was saying.. Little Prince for Thursday Night $5 Pizza.. HUZZA!! It was delish! 

However.. here is the silly part. I wanted to try an Old Fashioned but instead I heard someone order a black russian and I was reeled in like a codfish! One of my favourite drink is the White Russian (Vodka + Kahlua + Milk) Now... I am not an alcoholic, I don't drink that often or go out to get absolutely done, I just drink it once in a while because I enjoy it.. but being tired, afterwork and about to stay up late.. I should have gone for something light and fruity to jazz my mood up.. Instead I drank something that made me sleepy and it reminds me of Christmas!!!! 

So now I am only inspired to write a blogpost. How I wish I could write as easily for my report..


p.s. I really wish I had my iPhone back.. I lost it before going to Indonesia.. Otherwise there'd be some photos here..

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I am a huge fan of Doctor Who.. It's a recent thing though, for me anyway... I want to watch the serials however there is so many! So I am sticking with the newer version starting from the 9th Doctor. For now.. Sadly, I finished all the episodes in about 4 weeks (mainly due to being away in Indonesia). 

I don't know if you guys are a fan or not but it doesn't seem right not to show you this.. 

The obsession started with my brother and he infected me with the Doctor.. how IRONIC! infectious doctor! So, my brother went and got himself a sonic screwdriver!! It is so cool and it makes the same noise and everything.. I know it's a little nerdy.. 

On top of that, there is a Doctor Who Concert at the Sydney Opera House this December! I really want to go but I don't know if I should or not.. 

Anyways. That's a little something new about me.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I am super excited about the new banner! You like? I made it my self :D I had trouble putting it into the centre of the page because it kept looking loopsided due to its shape.. What do you guys think? is it centred?!?


So I had a bit of time this morning. It is so hot outside! but the weather here is unreliable so I am wearing a sheer 3/4 sleeve top with a pair of levis. 

Had cereal this morning. Yum!

I had so many things to do today and I was feeling rather lazy. I accidentally woke up at 3pm today.. I felt really really bad after that and got straight to work. I did however sleep quite late because I just had to finish the last of my log book. So I did not technically sleep in.. I simply shifted my sleep time. 

My laptop was playing up and now I am using my old one :( That's alright though, I figured that meant that I could revisit all my old photos! Which is always nice and heart warming. 

I have tons and tons of study to do but I figured.. I got time for ONE post.. 

It's that time of the year when everything just makes me want to.. 

You know what I mean? I feel like doing nothing yet everything is just coming at me all at once. I wish I could tell life to SLOW THE HELL DOWN! but I can't and if I do then the summer holiday won't come soon enough!

I am really excited for the holidays and now I shall go and make some nice hot cocoa to help me relax into study mode again.


Sunday, 21 October 2012

I came home to find this little parcel for me. I am always so excited to receive things in the mail. I went through a period of time when I was purchasing a lot from the internet and it felt like an endless christmas!

The parcel contained stickers for my business that I have just recently designed and ordered. If you look at the oval sticker, there is a huge white space above "The Tale Thief" and also on the badly smudged parts of the circular stickers. These are not errors in printing as I took the liberty of smudging out a few words from there because that would be this summer's surprise.

Time to get back to work! I just thought I would share a little of my excitement with you :)


p.s. don't try going on the website yet. I haven't published it!

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to one of my close friend's exhibition. It was held at a local private gallery and it was absolutely beautiful! Her artwork was so vibrant and so out of this world. To see her artwork in detail, have a look at her tumblr.

p.s. I have missed posting things.. and this blog will be quite for some time (until the 15th) as I am on exam mode! I apologise for being so inconsistent of late. I hope to do better soon!



p.p.s. The girl on the first picture is the artist. She is beautiful isn't she?? I bought the Wooden print of a mosquito because I like bugs.. I want to go on a little expedition to collect bugs and butterflies and sit under a tree to sketch them. It would be quite a fun day me thinks!

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