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Monday, 2 July 2012

Newtown New

Greetings July! My favourite month of the year because this month, signifies the birth of Harry Potter.. and Me! I was so hoping to post every single day of the month but I have been working non-stop from day one and I am now down with the cold... 

As promised in my Newtown post, I would like to show you my beautiful purchases from the day. 
Starting from the top, we have a "lace" patterned pencil skirt. It was a really pretty one that I wore when I went out with a few friends. It was so comfortable it hugs in all the right places!

The middle two photographs are the scarfs that I purchased from Mulberry Street! The one on the left is a vintage Hermes Brides de Gala scarf. I am quite sure it's only inspired and not actually a Hermes scarf but it is of good quality and colour. The second scarf is a modern gradient scarf. I really like the earthy colour that this scarf has and it drapes beautifully. 

The bottom images consists of two clothing. The one in the middle is a button down sleeveless black shirt with a bow. I loved the feel of the fabric on this one. It was really light and can be worn with almost anything! 

The second item is shown in the right and left photos. It's a button-down top (again) with bell-sleeves. I was a little uncertain about this item; however, when I tried it on, I thought it was casual yet dressy because although it looked really business like, it was sheer ~ not the slutty kind of sheer either. It was sheer enough to be sexy but the way the material was woven together, it was thick enough to be mysterious. With a nice pair of heels and tight jeans, this top has a lot of potential! 

I've realised something.. I really need to stop buying black clothing! I have so many... but you can never go wrong with black... too safe? 

Happy July!



  1. Hahah you remind me of my boyfriend with the Harry Potter love! We watched all the movies while he was here, he's even read all the books, I had the books, but my sister hogged them all so I never got around to reading them.

    But I agree, at least from the movies, I think they are brilliant and everything is so awesome, it makes me want to live in there world. And all those awesome candies they have... I have such a sweet tooth!

    I love that blouse. I love those kinds of tops that are sleeveless, I really like the figure it gives you and I think the bow adds to the feminine look. And I use to be the same way, always with the black, not a goth or anything, but I just loved the way it looked on my skin tone. I just bought some black pants and a black blouse, actually, most of the stuff I bought was black and cream. I wanted to wear all black but it's so hot here.

    I am sure you will look gorgeous in your new stuff! (:

    1. Hahah I am a Harry Potter fanatic!!!! Read all the books and watched all the movies!! If you could ever make time to read the books you should. Rowling does a better job at telling the story than what the movies could ever! Even though pictures paint a thousand word and movies are made of billions of pictures!!

      I love these tops too!! I wish I could figure out how to photograph black clothing but that was the best I could do hahah unless I wear it.. But I havent had a chance to take my tripod out yet... But I might have to start taking more selfies.. Hahah I love black!


  2. Harry Potter. Best series ever. I am still waiting for my letter, even though it is 4 years late so far.
    The scarves are beautiful.
    I love your blog and the fact that you love Harry Potter, so I am following you. Follow me back if you like my blog.

    1. Hello there :) thank you for following me. I am still getting used to the setting of blogger and have been missing people's comments haha. I don't know if you can see this but I will write on your wall later.

      I grew up with Harry Potter and it saddened me when she decided to end the story but she gave it the perfect ending.

      At 20 (almost) I too am waiting for my letter and will probably wait my whole life!!! Maybe one day I will be worthy of hogwarts! Hahah

      I will check out your blog as soon as I get home :)



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