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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Pre-Birthday Celebration

Hey All! I went out clubbing with a few of my friends.. I just thought I'd share a photo from that night.. it was a really great night! I had  so much fun.. there was snow in the outdoor area but you can't really see it on the photos I took on my phone but it was a lovely night and I just wanted to share with with you all :)

I'm the Second one from the Right
I will explain the bunny stuff... The nose and ears were mine but Matt decided to put it on cause it looked cute hahaha We "dressed up" as snow bunnies and because of that we got fast entry into the club! hahaha it was 2 minutes until they started charging entry.. SO LUCKY!

Snow Bunnies!
Sorry For the Quality!!! :(

Back Seat of a Cab being CRAZY!
It was a memorable night! :)



  1. Haha, cute! Looks like you had fun. (:

    1. I certainly did! :3 thanks for the follow Chrissy! Xoxo

  2. Aw you and your friends look gorgeous! I hope, and I am sure you had lots of fun! Do you feel old now? Your boyfriend pulls off the bunny look!

    Also, I think you should check out my post

    1. Thank you! I do feel somewhat older, well more responsible anyways haha I've been keeping up with my Uni and work so it's been really good :)

      He is a cutie hahaha I love how he is not afraid to laugh at himself. How is your boyfriend going???

      Thank you for the lovely post!!! It certainly made my day! Xoxo


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