i am thia.
i live in a little town a little south of sydney.
i try to photograph, live, love and laugh every single day of my existence.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I've Missed You!

Hello Blogger!

I have been away for quite sometime! It's because I've been busy with lots and lots of FOOD and HAPPINESS!

Well not all day everyday, but most of the time..

So....... I thought I'd share with you several photos from my food journey!

Firstly, I went to the Ribs&Rack where they had a challenge to eat 1kg of Steak, 1kg of Ribs and 1Kg of Fries! Went there with my family and a friend of mine (who did the challenge and actually finished it!!!!)
My Lamb Ribs! 

The Dessert! 
This was a great night even though I was really sick!! More to come.. Stay tuned!


p.s. How have you guys been? :)


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