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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dull world

I am still sick... And life is dull at the moment. Spent the whole day in bed, something that I haven't done in a while.. I am now in the waiting room of the medicare centre to wait for my number to be called.. Couldn't find me Medicare card so no going to doctors

Matt left to Canberra today for one of his 'boys trip' I hope he gets there okay. It's a 3 hour drive!!

We said our good byes last night for his weekend away.. It sounds really silly but I miss him already haha.

We cooked dinner for his family.. I wished I had taken photos of it cause it came out amazing and I made some gravy to go with this puff pastry meat thing.. His mum said it reminded her of beef wellingtons.

Matt did the salad.. One thing I am unfamiliar with is making salad.. I don't know why but I've never been good at it and I hate cutting onions!

We then baked cookies which was fun and a little stressful as matt kept opening the oven.. And with 6 minutes to go it was still the consistency of mousse so we left it in a bit longer until we realized it'd probably harden up once we let it out to cool.. And it did.. Boy did that beast harden..

We now know how to make cookies properly.. That we should leave it in chunks to spread out and not flatten it.. As pathetic an effort as it is.. It will always be our cookie and our memory and I will cherish it forever :)



  1. Those cookies look so good, and now I shall place the blame as to the reason why I am not going to sleep on you, and those cookies! I have been craving some and some rice krispies!

    I hope you feel better. Maybe drink some tea? Is it a cold? I actually felt sick today too, but I kind of just slept it off once I got home.

    get well soon!

    1. Oh Thia and her Evil cookies strikes again! Hahha go to sleep Sherry, have lovely dream about clouds of cotton candies and walk on rice krispies Pavement!

      It's so boring here.. I'm sitting on this ugly green chair waiting for my number to be called hahah I will go drink some tea as soon as I get out! If I can get out.. Ahhhhhhhhhh!! :)

      Hope you didn't virtually catch a Cold from me haha. Good night.


  2. Way to make it worse! Clouds of cotton candy and rice krispies pavement! I don't think thats a dream, I think that's heaven!

    That sounds like when I went to the hospital I just sat there on some ugly green chair too! What a memory. Maybe you will have to stay there and they will tend to your ever need on a cold bed in some awkward hospital gown!


    1. Hahaha I am Soo sorry! I was trying to make sleep more appealing hahha good luck sleeping!!!!!!



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