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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Drinking and Dreaming

I did not beat the record of 3 posts from yesterday.. such a shame because I really enjoyed posting lots! I wish more people would post more than once a day but then again.. most people spend their life outside where the other people are while I am alone in this little room.. studying..

So I am a little bit tired and I figured it wouldn't hurt to write a post. I have about 1480 words to go on my report that is due on monday.. but still i want to get at least 1500 done tonight (it was a total of 2000 words). Coffee it is. 

I only reserve coffee for the exam period.. oh and the occasional one-shot chai latte with friends or Matt who is a coffee addict. 

I did the silliest thing tonight. Afterwork, my mum and I were a little famished so I suggested to her that we go to Little Prince which is a little Jazz bar/club thing (it's not really a club.. people don't dance.. they sit around looking sophisticated). Yea as I was saying.. Little Prince for Thursday Night $5 Pizza.. HUZZA!! It was delish! 

However.. here is the silly part. I wanted to try an Old Fashioned but instead I heard someone order a black russian and I was reeled in like a codfish! One of my favourite drink is the White Russian (Vodka + Kahlua + Milk) Now... I am not an alcoholic, I don't drink that often or go out to get absolutely done, I just drink it once in a while because I enjoy it.. but being tired, afterwork and about to stay up late.. I should have gone for something light and fruity to jazz my mood up.. Instead I drank something that made me sleepy and it reminds me of Christmas!!!! 

So now I am only inspired to write a blogpost. How I wish I could write as easily for my report..


p.s. I really wish I had my iPhone back.. I lost it before going to Indonesia.. Otherwise there'd be some photos here..


  1. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I want to post more than once a day, but I don't want it to be over-kill ya know? Even though I like when other people do.

    1. Oh I get you :) I have been really lazy with this blog up until exam time comes.. I am a really bad procrastinator! (well good at procrastinating bad at.. you know what I mean) :)


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