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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nude Magique BB CREAM!

via L'Oreal
The very first foundation that I was introduced to was the Dior Nude and I have been an avid user of this product however, sometimes I feel like my coverage is too "perfect" and sometimes a little too thick for everyday use. Not only that, it is pretty expensive too! (approximately $80 per bottle).

Anyway, this review is not about that, it's about the wonderful BB cream that I just bought a few days ago. It is really really good for a BB Cream and I could share it with my mum since we have slightly different skin colour because it basically self adjust to the wearer's skin. It is a little bit expensive for a little tube but you only need a little bit coverage so it really is worth the buy. 

The only negative thing is that I have to take it with me places because depending on the temperature and what I am doing, it doesn't stay on for as long as I would have liked. It is worth it thought since the coverage feels so light and it makes you look like you have naturally even skin, not really perfectly covered, just naturally beautiful skin. I will definitely keep using it especially this summer as I don't want to clog up my pore with heavy makeup!



  1. I got so stressed before the ball and my face broke out. (of course it would) and I then I stressed about it having broke out, I tried some new stuff, and I got a primer in the mail that totally sucked! I wish I tried this! Or the Maybelline one because I hear that one works really well too.

    Your skin looks really good!

    1. Oh noes! Worst timing!! over here we have something called Clerasil and you use it on the spot of breakout early morning and it dries it around 4 hours I haven't had to use it but I saw it today. Do you guys have them??

      And thank you :) My skin was really bad (that was one of the good days) due to exam stress.. now it's all gone! yay! :D

    2. p.s. what primer did you use? I am going to go buy a primer soon cause I've run out of my MAC... Just so I don't go and get it!


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