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i live in a little town a little south of sydney.
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Saturday, 16 March 2013

wake up cousin! we're going to the zoo!


The zoo is a magical place.. full of living wonders and really cute unbelievably fluffy animals! I started the day obsessing over koalas! I didn't go to the zoo exactly. It was actually called Simbio Wildlife Park. Which essentially is a zoo but smaller and you can touch most of the animals!

It was a nice family outing with my grandparents, mum, auntie and brother. If you're even in Australia and are visiting the Illawarra, I would recommend a visit to this magical land! it is full of alpacas, kangaroos, koalas, sheep, deers, ponies, alligators and my personal favourite the sleeping red panda. They are ever so adorable! I have a photo of them somewhere..

I still need to sort through all 390+ photos and videos that I took today. I ran out of space on my MacBook Air and my external hard drive is shot. C'est la vie.. I still had a pretty wonderful day nonetheless!


p.s. look at the ridiculous hairdo of that kookaburra..


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