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Saturday, 26 May 2012

I'm going to Indonesia... Bring on the exercises!

So It's official, I will be going to Indonesia for my cousins' wedding. TWO of them! In the space of 1 week! It's going to be amazing! I was brought up there and moved to Australia when I was 10 years old. I haven't been back in TWO years! Just thinking about it makes me smile...

However, there is one problem.. I tend to let my self go a little during exam periods.. actually lately I have let my self go a lot... It really is time to shape up. Don't get me wrong, I love my body.. I'll never ever be stick thin nor would I ever want to. It suits some people but just not me. I love my curves :) I just think I could tone them up a little.. especially since winter is approaching and you know how people get during winter..

Speaking of indonesia, I just had a blast from the past earlier this morning! I ate one of my favourite childhood food.. It's these Marie biscuits by a company called REGAL. I don't know if anyone has ever had them.. but it's better than milk and cookies. You have them with warm milk and if you took it out on time, it'd be crunchy and crumbly on top with non-sickening softness underneath... if you ever get you hands on these.... 

Back on exercising, I am going to do daily updates about my exercise routine and photograph/let you know about my progress cause that's something that I always like to see with other people too.. results. Also It would be a great motivator for me and maybe for you too. It'll be black on white and I'd be forced to do it even when I don't feel like it hahaha.

What's on Today?

So today, I will be going for a 30 minutes run followed by 30 minutes of yoga/pilates. I love yoga and pilates!!! I once went and did it for 3 days straight and lost ONE DRESS SIZE! it was amazing... but man did my body hurt in the end.. It was the longest DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that I've ever had! 

Let me know how you're doing for exercises!



  1. I have been scanning through your posts and they all seem to grab me in, I like it. Did you already go to Indonesia? I wish I could travel more! That would be so awesome. And I see you were in Australia for some time, that's where my grandfather lives, while you were there did you acquire an sort of accent?

  2. Scratch that, I think I just read that you still live in Australia?

  3. Sorry to spam this, but I would love to follow you, you should add Google Friend Connect like the one I have on my page! It's easier to keep up with recent posts from you

  4. Hahaha sorry, I've been away, this definitely made my night :) I am still in Australia at the moment, I've been living here for about 11 years now, I moved here from Indonesia. People say that I do have an Australian accent, a bit more than most indonesian who came here however, My friends keep telling me that I have an American accent.. I think it's mainly due to my American tutors back in Indonesia hahaha.

    That's so awesome that your grandfather live here. Do you come to visit often? I saw on a post that he was there for a week or so, I liked that scrapbook you made him :)


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