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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Relationship Gut

It's official! I have a relationship gut... well it has been there for a few months now :( I can feel my muscles underneath.. it's actually pretty crazy how much I can notice it now... Time to hit up the gym I think.. harder than ever this time! I recently posted my goal for this "month" in Thia's Tale which is my main fitness blog. So keep updated this way!!

Yes.. I am just like Barney (From How I Met Your Mother) now in the episode where he broke up with Robin! I have achieved my purpose in life! But seriously.. I don't mind it at all.. it's not like I got it from having doughnuts at 1 in the morning. I got it because I have been enjoying my self a little too much! I personally blame Matt for being so wonderful hahahaha

Either way, the Wedding in Indonesia is approaching! It's time for me to tone down again.. So many dresses to fit into! I also found out it'll be my grandparent's 60th anniversary.. that's pretty big!



  1. Yess! Getting closer to the wedding! You better be posting some pictures :)

    I wanted to do a post on you to promote your two blogs! Which is why I asked you to email me, not sure if you got that!

    1. I would love to! :D Hey! i got the reply button working! now to figure out how to fix up my pages.. :D How is it going? I feel more involved with this blog than when i had more free time.. I'm such a procrastinator! :D wow this post was in august!! :/

  2. you will be fine dearie! Hope to see your photos of the wedding soon! By the way, i'm following you now courtesy of the bloghop! Great blog! I hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too!


    1. Hello! I am quite certain that I have been on your blog.. :D sorry about the late reply. I miss a few sometimes :D


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